Far Field Monitors

NEAR-FIELD: a compact studio monitor designed for listening at close distances, typically between three and five feet.When sitting at this near-field distance, the listener hears a greater proportion of direct sound from the monitors (compared to the reflected sound bouncing.
Localizer Monitor. Document is available to the UJ.S. ILS. Glide Slope Monito public through the National Tech-!. Far Field Monitor nical Information Service .
Studio Monitors explained for use in your home recording studio.. Far-Field studio monitors are intended to be more than ~6 feet away from the listener.
When people listen to the playback of a recording on speakers, they can do it with either near-field or far-field.
The LTR 400 FF is a special variant of the LTR 400 transponder system. The LTR 400 Farfield Monitor is a transponder installed at a fix position and operated for .
Far field monitors are placed further away from the listeners and are able to handle louder volumes than near-field monitors. Using far-field monitors, you will .
The one we are going to look at today is the group of near field monitors. These are probably more popular than their far or mid field counterparts, mainly due to .
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