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You may see this referred to as PT monitoring, INR monitoring, or PT/INR.. Check your own INR at home per your doctor's prescriped test frequency on your. a portable handheld meter.5 Most private insurance companies also cover INR .
As a Coumadin® patient you now have the option of checking your PT/INR at home, at anytime. Testing at home is a convenient alternative to going to your .
Alereâ„¢ Home Monitoring brings years of experience providing Home Anticoagulation Monitoring services and products such as our portable INR monitors (INR, .
Good news! The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is expanding its coverage of INR home monitoring to include patients on warfarin for DVT .
mdINR PT/INR Home Monitoring Service. Your insurance company(s) will be contacted to determine the extent of your coverage and your responsibility for any .
Home INR Monitoring for patients on anticoagulation therapy such as warfarin/Coumadin®. Learn more!
A PT/INR tester for home use, the CoaguChek® gives accurate anticoagulation results in less than a minute.. Learn more about Self-Monitoring. Line .
The PT/INR home test is very similar to the test used by millions of patients who must monitor. PT/INR home testing is a fact of life for all patients who take the. Bringing 10 years of experience in the patient management field with sister company, Advanced Diabetes Supply,. . Increasing Evidence for INR Self-Monitoring.