Leslie Speaker Guitar

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I recorded this demo for a freind who wanted to know what a leslie speaker sounds like.The speaker unit.
This Leslie speaker consists of a rotary horn that spins through a. The speaker makes organ, guitar.
Professional guitar Leslie speaker system for electric and acoustic guitar.
Analog Man carries the Leslie G27 rotating speaker for guitar, this one uses your own amplifier to get the best REAL rotating speaker sounds ever! Made in the .
I'm looking for a decent stand-alone Leslie-style rotary speaker effect, mainly for use with keyboards, but also for guitars. Can you offer any suggestions?
The Leslie Rotating Tremolo Speaker System has produced the same. is no big thing, and is a feature on any guitar amp with a "vibrato" or "tremolo" feature.
Leslie Guitar Artists. Guitarists have always turned to the distinctive sound of the Leslie Speaker to add that unmistakable edge. These Artists have chosen to .
Originally built to produce an extra dimension to the Hammond organ, the Leslie speaker cabinet is also famous as an exciting effect for electric guitar.
I suggest that you simply run a regular guitar amp of your choice into the speaker in the leslie. Use an A/B/Y switch to switch between your .