Mimaki Textile Printer Price

The Mimaki TX300P-1800 direct-to-garment textile printer includes many features found in high-end direct-print models, but with a lower cost-of-ownership .
Mimaki TX500-1800 Series wide format textile printers print directly to a number of fabric types. For Latin America and Caribbean pricing contact Mimaki USA.
Choose TxLink3 software, designed for textile printing. TXLink3. For Latin America and Caribbean pricing contact Mimaki USA. Brochures & Samples .
$65,000* *Prices are only for current Mimaki USA inventory items and will last only until inventory is depleted.
Innovative and cost-effective system. High speed and continuous printing. TS34-1800A · High-speed 1.8 m Wide-format Direct-to-Textile Printer_Max print .
The Tx300P-1800 delivers high-quality printing on a wide range of textiles.. For providing affordable ink prices, inks are packed in large volume packs (2 liters) .
XP1846. Mimaki TX300P-1800 Direct-to-Textile Printer. The ideal solution for direct printing to a wide variety of man-made and natural textiles. A high quality .
Fast printing speeds up to 105.9m2 per hour; 10-colours with SS21 inks: CMYK LcLm, Silver, Orange, Light Black & White; Lowest m2 price with BS4 solvent .