Monitoring Children’s Internet Use

Several easy ways for parents to protect their children online by monitoring thier computer and Internet activity. How to monitor kids online.
Why you should monitor kids' computer and cell phone use, and when you shouldn't.. trove of knowledge -- and everything else imaginable -- on the Internet.
You can learn about what your children are doing online by looking on the browser they normally use. You can also purchase or download software which will give you many options for blocking or filtering out inappropriate content. These are but a few of the tools to help parents monitor children's internet activity.
Parental Monitoring and Children's Internet Use: The Role of Information, Control, and Cues. Francisco Gallego, Ofer Malamud, and Cristian Pop-Eleches.
10 Apps for Parents to Monitor Kids' Mobile Use. by: Erin Dower. Your main concern: Web browsing safety and setting time limits on Internet use. This free app .
These days, kids have easy access to hundreds of TV stations and millions of Internet sites. And they can buy or download countless video games and apps.