Printer Cable Types

This fits your . 10 foot long USB cable; male connectors. Standard type-A (computer) connector at one end, standard type-B (printer) connector on opposite end. Suitable for many newer USB compatible printers, both laser and ink-jet. Black cable and connectors.
A printer cable creates a link between a computer and a printing device, transmitting the data needed to. Centronics Male Parallel; Type A Male USB; 6.56ft.
There are many different types of cables, for example: Serial: RS-232, EIA-422. Parallel. FireWire. USB.
Types of Parallel Printer Cables. by Jeff Grundy. Most parallel printer cables use a DB-25 interface for connecting to the host computer .
A solid printer is an important part of any office, whether you're printing letters. If your new printer didn't come with a USB cable, don't fret – any standard USB .
In the early days of personal computing a parallel printer cable could refer to any of a wide range of cables that connected a computer and a printer. Over time .
Why are there so many different USB cables? Learn the differences between USB connector types and how to buy the best cable.