Splicing Speaker Wire

It's probably happened to all of us at some point. You've rearranged your home theater and now one of the speaker wires is too short. Or you .
How to Extend Speaker Wires. "Splice" up your life with some vinyl tape and wire nuts. Turn off the system and disconnect the electrical wall plug.
A Comprehensive Guide to Splicing Speaker Wire - Home Theater Forum. http://www.hometheatershack.com/for.speaker-wire-splice-w-butt- .
Adding new system and speakers to existing built in wiring.
I ran 12ga. Speaker wire for a 7.1 dedicated HT. I have it in a 3 gang blue electrical box.
Hand wire splicing is a technique that allows wire to transfer more of its electrical effort than if a butt connector was used & also produces less heat.
Tomorrow is the big day. cable guy comes to upgrade to HDTV. I changed my home theater configuration around and the wires going to the .
By converting your speaker wires into RCA plugs, you can create your own high-quality RCA cables at very minimal cost. Here are the things you need and .
I am installing new receiver & speakers which I am very excited about but am concerned putting a splice in the sp.wire will impact sound quality .