What Type Of Printer Do I Need For Screen Printing

(1) First, you need to pick or create a design, and convert it to black and white.. Some printers also have the “transparency paper” setting.. If, however, you're doing it on the computer, do not work in the RBG color mode but rather use bitmap .
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Types Of Film Positives For Making Screens. Creating. But there are several ways to make film positives that you should be aware of. Inkjet Films - These are the type that can be printed in most standard inkjet printers. They are. They often need to be doubled up in order to achieve the opacity required for screen making.
Then place your cursor over a white area, and the R, G, and B should all be 255.. Make sure when you load the transparency into your printer, it will be printed on. but in some cases you will need to select "Specialty Paper" or some printers  .