Wilson Audio Speakers

. alongside much larger systems and offer the kind of dynamic contrast and harmonic expression that is the defining character of Wilson Audio loudspeakers.
The images below are for demo purposes and may vary from the original colors. To view an accurate representation, please Contact a Dealer to see a .
Browse a wide selection of Wilson Audio speakers: by-far our most popular luxury loudspeaker, with customers returning time-and-again to upgrade.
The Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandra XLF costs $200000/pair. So does a. Add $10000 for speaker cables, and that's what I paid for my first home in 1992.
Wilson Audio are known for making some of the most respected and expensive highend loudspeakers ever developed, they were established in 1973 by David .
Provenance has special meaning to Wilson Audio, in this case in exploring Wilson's latest foray into the large.
A few days before leaving for Munich's High End Show Wilson Audio Specialties sent AnalogPlanet a pair of.
Whether the room is large, small, or in between, Wilson Audio's new Alexandria XLF speakers can fill it.
Wilson Audio, Provo, Utah. 40K likes. Wilson Audio's official Facebook account. Manufacturer of handcrafted, high-quality loudspeakers. Proudly built in.
Wilson Audio are a very unique brand. Their speakers are one of a kind, not just in terms of their modern aesthetics but also in terms of sound. Because of this .
"Last century materials", sitting here listing to a pair of speakers, not Wilson Audio , made of plywood with paper and silk drivers. So last century .
After years of intensive work on perfecting the time domain quandary in loudspeakers, engineer David Wilson received a patent for his efforts, and put all of his .